Services and Products


  • Vacuum cleaning of gutters/spouting
  • Clearing of gutter traps
  • Clearing storm water traps
  • Exterior house cleaning of gutter exteriors and exterior claddings
  • Exterior window cleaning with pure water systems
  • Moss treatment of roofs
  • Driveway and Path cleaning
  • Site cleaning
  • Industrial sites
  • Flooded rooms


  •  How to ensure long life of your expensive spouting/gutter system
  • Reduce water pollution of waterways
  • Minimise risk of internal damage by overflow of spouting/gutters
  • Your house and property is your greatest asset so kept it looking at is very best
  • Quality and Safety are assured with low risk of injury when completing this service

Gutter Cleaning

No more climbing and putting yourself in an unsafe position on a ladder or roof. Gutter Sucker uses state of the art and patented vacuum cleaning equipment and technology. The distinctly portable wet/dry units offer unheard of suction capabilities which is essential to thoroughly and efficiently clean all types of guttering systems available in New Zealand and Australia. With the amazing portability of the equipment it offers a comprehensive cleaning solution to most properties of any size. The debris that is removed can be taken off your site or used as superior compost into your garden.

All services are supported with a satisfaction guarantee.
All our owner operators our trained to NZ Safety Standards.

From This

Dirty Gutter

To This

Clean Gutter

Using This

Man Cleaning Gutters

Exterior House Cleaning

We offer a low pressure clean and wash down system that has the exterior of your home looking like new again. We do not use a high pressure system.  These damage the exterior of your number one asset and can often lead to water getting inside your house.

Gutter Sucker also offers all other exterior cleaning services for your home. There is the Pure Water window cleaning system that leaves the windows absolutely perfectly clean without any of those ugly streaks or runs.

If you want the entire exterior cladding of your house then we have specialised cleaning machines and products to carry out these special applications.

Exterior Window Cleaning

- High Reach​

Most of the dirt and grime is on the outside of the window!. Our high tech Pure-Water system is perfectly suited for cleaning single and multi storey domestic houses and commercial buildings. 

This is a lot more cost efficient and friendlier on the environment than conventional window cleaning services.  Cleaning the exterior windows of a standard 3 bedroom home could start for as little as $60 plus GST.

High Windows

Paving, Driveways, Paths and Decks

We also offer all paving, concrete and hot mix (tarmac) for paths and driveway with our high pressure cleaning equipment. You will also have the option of having a special sealant being applied to keep these surfaces looking like the day they were put down.

From This

Dirty Path

To This

Clean Path

Using This

Cleaning tiles